How to run a food co-op or bulk buying group

Chewsday Bulk Buyers Introduction

We’re a bunch of folks into eating ethical foods.

Organic and local are concepts we turn into reality each week.

Essentially we each pre-order a box of goodies each week, it is packed by a team of volunteers ready for us to pick up each Tuesday. To keep prices acceptable and because we value the community aspect, everyone needs to volunteer in the system.

How it works:
Sign up
Pay your membership (fully refundable)
Be Assigned to a team
Volunteer with your team
Order your food by Thursday morning
Pick up your pre-ordered box the following Tuesday night.
Pay for your food via direct deposit into the groups account

The volunteering side:
You'll be assigned to one of the 4 teams (A,B,C & D). Each team is given a role.
- Packing & Stock
- Packing & Communications
- Packing & Finance
- Packing (Every 4th rotation your group has a break from an extra role).

Each team packs once every 4 weeks, fulfilling & sharing their other duties throughout the week.

The teams rotate their extra duties every 6 months so that we share skills and workloads. Hoorah for sustainable practices!

Other bits:
Team meetings (when necessary) to work out any issues.
6 monthly general meetings to discuss issues & change roles.
Membership is capped at around 30 boxes to keep it manageable & community vibes.

Chewsday Co-op Member Rights & Responsibilities

Each member is responsible for working with their team every four weeks to pack and throughout each week to fulfil additional duties such as ordering stock.

Each member needs to commit to buying most weeks of the year so that we can fulfil minimum purchase requirements with our suppliers.

Each member gets to eat tasty, local food and hang out with the local community.

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