How to run a food co-op or bulk buying group

Chewsday Stock Availability

This task is undertaken on Tuesday night, preferably between 7pm and 8:30pm - ready for ordering by users at 9pm.

Step 1:

Open Stock Team's gmail account and search for emails from Food Connect and Sovereign Foods. You will be looking for this week's CSV file from these suppliers and you'll need to download to your computer (i.e. to desktop).

Step 2:

In Lettuceshare, go to Stock page. If you want to upload Food Connect's new CSV file of food items available, type in fc_chews in the "Supplier" box. Then, you click on "Choose File" and navigate to find this week's CSV file from your desktop or wherever you saved the file.

Also upload file from Sovereign Foods, remembering to put in "sovereignfoods" in the supplier box.

Step 3:

This next step is to make items available to purchase. The uploader is looking for items that are available from supplier and this is indicated by a tick in the supply column. If it's available, they must decided on whether to make it available for purchase.

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