How to run a food co-op or bulk buying group

Pre-Ordering Groups

Pre-ordering means your members log in to Lettuceshare during an ordering window that suits your group. They place their order based on what's available to them at the time, and when ordering closes, the totals for each product are automatically calculated.

This information serves as a guide to the person who places the orders with the group's suppliers. Lettuceshare also uses this information to generate packing slips for when the order arrives.

A buying group that pre-orders usually divides all their members into teams, so that everyone takes turns packing boxes for everyone else. Each team should have a Group Co-ordinator to make sure that all members know when it's their turn to pack, and that group tasks are rotated evenly amongst the members.

Many groups also have their own meetings to discuss how things are going within the group. This can happen before or after their pack nights so as not to take up more time than necessary. These meetings are separate from general buying group meetings that would be used to discuss broader topics.

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