Home page

Members are shown their home page when they first log in. Their current balance is displayed, as well as options to edit their settings and view previous transactions.

All lettuceshare members are given a unique payment reference when their account is created. This is for them to use when making direct deposit payments from their bank account, to the group's bank account. It's usually similar to their username, but if there's a conflict with another user, lettuceshare makes sure they both have unique payment references.

Members can always check if their payments have been processed by their group administrator by searching for previous payment transactions. They also have access to their purchases and sales.

The sales option is listed for all members, because all members can also be suppliers. They just need to ask an administrator to add the products they want to sell to the stock page. This is great if a member grows their own produce as well as buying from the group as they can use their own sales as credit!