How to run a food co-op or bulk buying group

WEBB Finance

Finance import for WEBB (to be done at the very least either Monday night or Tuesday before 6pm):

Update Transactions (to export the last weeks transactions into a file for import into lettuceshare)
1. Log in to Bank Australia bank with your log in details at
2. Click on Accounts, then History
3. Select the WEBB – Commercial Saver account;
Select Search Icon –
Select for the last 14 days and press “Search”:

Select to download button (bottom of screen)-
Then select Comma Separated Format CSV:

4. Download onto your computer in CSV (this is very important so it can be imported to the website).
5. Log into your gmail account that’s linked with bulkbuyers and access the ‘drive’ section:
6. Then click on the ‘Transactions’ Folder. Delete the previous “StatementCSV.csv” document from the ‘Transactions’ Folder and upload the new “StatementCSV.csv” document. This should be for the last 14 days (banks default download period, See STEP 3).

Update Lettuceshare (to update suppliers and users accounts)
1. Log into your gmail account that’s linked with bulkbuyers and access the ‘drive’ section:
2. Then click on the ‘Transactions’ Folder. Download the new “StatementCSV.csv” document onto your computer.
3. Log into webb's finance account on lettuceshare account via (Ask Luke or Emma for password if you don’t have it)
4. In the top right corner type: admin/payments
5. Click import file and choose the CSV document:

6. When the Payments screen comes up, the details for each transaction from the bank should automatically appear, including the username if the member reference is entered correctly. (Sometimes we will need to manually enter the username, which should be in reference section.) Press ‘submit’ to enter the transaction. Do this for each entry.
7. Note: if the transaction was for interest or fees for the bank account, this can be ignored and not entered into the website.
8. Transactions for payments out to suppliers should also be entered where the supplier has a user name set up. Note, if suppliers are also members of the group they will require separate accounts.
9. Keep going through and submitting entries. When lettuceshare hits previously entered transactions, it automatically exits import mode.
Trouble shooting:
10. If the member name cannot be located, check the members spreadsheet on google drive to find out if this person is a new member.

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