Lettuceshare Software

Lettuceshare is released under a free software license called the AGPL. This means you can download it and run it yourself, if you're comfortable running a web server.

The term free software refers to free as in freedom: you are free to download and use the software subject to the terms of the license it is released under. In the case of Lettuceshare this basically means you must also share your modifications publicly. Free does not refer to the time of the developers :-) The software is developed as resources will allow, which includes current Lettuceshare users requesting and offering to pay for new features. If you're interested in helping in this way, please get in touch to discuss consulting rates.

You can also become a supporter of software development on Lettuceshare!
This is available as a yearly subscription for existing groups, which is paid at $50 per month along with hosting fees. As a subscriber, your group will be listed on the supporters page, and you will be able to contribute to the planning around development work for Lettuceshare for the year.

If you're a software developer and want to get involved, we would also love to hear from you. Lettuceshare is developed as a set of custom modules, running on top of the Dobrado Content Management System, written in PHP and Javascript. You will also want to know, or be keen to learn more about Web Applications and running your own LAMP stack.

Besides server software, Lettuceshare also makes use of some of the best Free and Open Source Software Javascript libraries available. These include jQuery and jQuery UI, CKEditor, jqPlot and SlickGrid.