How to run a food co-op or bulk buying group


The communications group needs to receive email that is sent to the primary email address for your buying group. They become the first contact point for new potential members, and will answer general questions from existing members. The task of checking and responding to email can be shared between a couple of members, and should be done every couple of days (if not daily).

There are some other tasks that can be shared amongst the communications group, depending on how many people want to help:

Create new Lettuceshare accounts and welcome new members.

Maintain a contact list. Lettuceshare stores some account information, but some groups like to have an external list to use with other bulk email providers, or to send text notifications around ordering times. This list might also be integrated with something like Google groups, so that each sub-group of a co-op can email amongst themselves.

The responsibility of sending texts to remind members to order can also be shared as it's own role within the communications group. It's usually best to give this role to someone with a good phone plan!

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