Stock Import changes

By Malcolm Blaney on
I've made some changes to the way availability lists from suppliers are imported into lettuceshare.

If your group pre-orders, then everything listed from a supplier is now made available to order during the import process. If an item with the same name is available from a different supplier, that item will be made unavailable for the other supplier.

The import process has not changed for groups that don't pre-order. This is because stock availability can be updated just before the group meets. Simply enter the quantity that has arrived for packing into the availability list itself, and only those items will be made available during the import.

The above only applies to lists provided by a single supplier. I've also made some changes to how the multi-supplier format can be used for stock tracking. Up until now, the quantity column in this format has added new quantity to the total (which is the same as how it works for the single supplier format). This column is now used to update the total quantity, for this format only. During the import, the quantity will be checked for any changes and an adjustment will be recorded when required.
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Just for my own future reference.... everything is made available to order because people cut and paste the sections they want from supplier lists into a new file. (An easier way to do that would be to hide those products in lettuceshare.)
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