Member page updates

This is an update to last week's post about the new members page.

I've added a new feature to the grid that allows you to sort by multiple columns. To use it, click the header row for the column you initially want to sort by. Then, hold down the shift key and click the header of the second column you want to sort by. You should see little icons in the header row showing the direction the data is sorted. To switch directions, hold down the shift key and click the column again.

You can sort by as many columns as you like using this method. Sorting will start again when you click a column without holding down the shift key.

There are a few extras along with this new feature, when you click download the data will stay sorted the same way you see it in the grid. Also, when you reload the page or come back to the members page later, it will remember the current sort order along with your other grid preferences.
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