Grid Changes

The Lettuceshare stock page went through some big changes last year, and I received a lot of feedback about it, which I really appreciate. Some of the feedback showed that a few of the changes made things harder to do, instead of easier, which obviously wasn't the aim! I'd like to thank everyone for their patience as we've worked out the best way to improve the stock page and Lettuceshare as a whole, going forward.

With that in mind, I've just rolled out another set of changes to the stock page which I hope addresses some of the issues. This change actually goes further than fixing a few problems, it starts a whole new way of interacting with the grid. The grid is an important part of many pages in Lettuceshare, and every page that uses it has now been updated. If you load a page expecting to see the grid and it's not shown, please reload the page to get the updated version.

The biggest change to the grid is that it no longer has a set height. The purpose of this change was to remove the double scrolling effect, which was the annoying behaviour of not knowing if the grid was scrolling or the browser window itself. Now it's just the browser window, which means the paging options at the bottom of the grid are no longer required either.

Back to the stock page, the biggest change you will notice there is that it now includes a filter. You will see input fields at the top of the grid, and typing in any of these fields will update the grid for rows that match the combination of filters you have provided.

Check box filters require 1 or 0, the others just match text. Clearing all the filters will return you to the full list. (Although there are a few column options that update what's shown in the grid - Supplier Availability and Hidden).

Unlike autocomplete fields found elsewhere in Lettuceshare, the grid filter matches at the start of the string. To match more rows, you can also start your filter with an asterisk:

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