Lettuceshare Development Support

Lettuceshare has been going for nearly 5 years now, and the site wouldn't have happened without the wonderful co-ops and bulk buyers groups that use it on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone for your support and feedback over the years!

Despite what you may have heard, Lettuceshare isn't a big operation and software development has generally happened on a part-time basis. I've been chatting with different groups over the last year about how to best fund new software development, and am glad to say some groups have been enthusiastic about providing extra support. This basically means I can spend more of my time improving the software for all users.

Lettuceshare development supporters pay an extra $50 per month, and subscribe for the calendar year. This means some long term development can be planned, and these groups are invited to participate in the development discussion. All groups using Lettuceshare are welcome to join!

So a big extra thanks to the following supporters so far in 2018:

Ipswich Good Food Group
Turnstyle Bulk Buyers
Midweek Members Market
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