Ordering page updates

I've made a few changes to Lettuceshare this morning that will be quite noticeable, so this is an update about them. A few people have asked for more space on the ordering page to view product names, so to allow this I've removed the supplier column. Also some people didn't want to see the supplier column at all, so this fixes both issues.

The grower information is still shown under the product field at the top of the page, when there's information available. Grower information is usually imported in stock lists, but it can also be added manually on the stock page. I've also updated the product field when viewing all products so that it searches for the product in the grid. It will now highlight the row, and if you use category tabs it will switch to the correct tab for you.

Lastly, to further highlight the growers our suppliers are buying from, I've switched the default format over to displaying grower information in invoices. If anyone would prefer to show the supplier name in invoices just let me know.
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