Email Delivery

Have any of your members mentioned that they don't receive email from Lettuceshare because they have a Bigpond or Hotmail account? There hasn't been much of a solution for that until now, because the companies that run these services decide who they want to deliver mail from.

To get around this problem, I've added a new feature to Lettuceshare that will deliver your mail via a gmail account. The idea is that Bigpond, Hotmail and anyone else holding up email delivery are more likely to trust email from Google. You can enable this feature on any account by going to the settings page and clicking the forward email button:

You will then get an email from Google, asking you to confirm that Lettuceshare can forward you email from lettucesharesender@gmail. Once you have followed the link provided, all your email from Lettuceshare will be delivered this way. You can turn off forwarding at any time too. Hopefully this feature is helpful for some members in your group.
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