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Lettuceshare Development

Do you want to see photos of the beautiful produce you're buying when you place your order in Lettuceshare? If yes, then talk to your group about joining the Lettuceshare Patreon page, because this is the first goal!

We're already half way towards meeting the goal, and buying groups who join Patreon as a developer will get a say in the future development of the software. Individual members are also welcome to join the page as supporters. Now is the perfect time to get involved in the project. More information and sign-up is available at:
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Lettuceshare Price Drop

Lettuceshare now only costs $2 a month for each member buying in your group, no more minimum hosting fee! If you know any buying groups that don't meet regularly, or just want to keep their group small, please share this post with them.

If you were thinking Lettuceshare is good value already, then there's another way you can help! I've just set up a page where groups can help support new software development for Lettuceshare:
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Stock page updates

The stock page has been rewritten based on lots of feedback, and hopefully makes the job of managing your stock list easier. If you've had a chance to play with the new members page it should feel familiar. The documentation for the stock page has been updated, but if you have any questions or feedback about these changes please let me know via the contact page.

Some of the major changes are: The grid is now editable inline, and will save automatically as you make updates. As with the members page, the columns displayed in the grid can be customised and can take up the full width of your screen. One extra feature on the stock page is that you can save your column and sorting preferences as profiles.

The default list of displayed products has changed too. When you load the page you will only see products currently available from suppliers. For more information on this and other new features please read the updated documentation.
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Member page updates

This is an update to last week's post about the new members page.

I've added a new feature to the grid that allows you to sort by multiple columns. To use it, click the header row for the column you initially want to sort by. Then, hold down the shift key and click the header of the second column you want to sort by. You should see little icons in the header row showing the direction the data is sorted. To switch directions, hold down the shift key and click the column again.

You can sort by as many columns as you like using this method. Sorting will start again when you click a column without holding down the shift key.

There are a few extras along with this new feature, when you click download the data will stay sorted the same way you see it in the grid. Also, when you reload the page or come back to the members page later, it will remember the current sort order along with your other grid preferences.
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New feature: members page

Lettuceshare has a new feature that many people have asked for: a members page!

The new page is available to everyone in your group, and can be accessed via the page menu in the top right corner of each page. The reason why it's available to everyone is that people have mentioned that they're sometimes stuck with a packed box at the end of the night and no contact details for the username on the box. The new page should give you enough information to track them down.

There's some new member fields you can fill in too. For instance if people want to organise themselves into delivery groups you can now add that information. There's also space for just adding notes on accounts for all the other bits of information that need to be kept track of. And there's a download button so that you can keep a copy if you need to.

All the information shown on the members page is customisable, try clicking the Edit Columns button and choosing different combinations. There's also a new Wide grid option, so the columns you select can now take up the whole page. If you're a group admin, you will have access to all the data stored for accounts, and this information is now editable inline, in the grid.

The plan going forward is to make inline editing (and wide grids) available across lettuceshare, with the stock page being next. If you have any feedback about how the members page works, please let me know, as the features here will be making it into other parts of the system soon.
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Lettuceshare has just been updated to simplify the control bar you see at the top of the page when logged in. If you don't like the new defaults, you can change the settings for your account by going to the new settings page from the page menu. There's not much there at the moment, but that's where new account settings will be added in the future.

If you're a group admin, and use the tools menu to update your group settings, there's now also a new page for that listed in the page menu. That makes it slightly easier to access than before. If you have any feedback about these changes, please get in touch or leave a comment!
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lettuceshare updates

Hi everyone,

I've upgraded quite a few pieces of software that uses recently, which will lead to more visible improvements to the platform soon. I'll have more information about those changes as they start to roll out.

For now, to make sure you've got the most up to date version of the site in your browser, can you please reload the page as soon as you've logged in? If you load a page on lettuceshare for the first time this week and notice any problems, please try reloading that page too.

If you still have problems or notice any thing strange after doing that, please don't hesitate to contact me at:

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